“Brake for Snakes” Awareness Campaign

Animal fatalities are one of the most conspicuous effects of roads in any habitat or landscape. Reptiles and amphibians contribute to most of the roadkill incidents at the same time they are the least noticed by people. Since our country has a large diversity of landscapes, small animals, such as herpetofauna, most of them endemic that occupy small areas as its total distributional range. These landscapes are well connected by roads and we use these roads. This is an awareness effort for the people who drive to “brake for snakes”, save a life, contribute to the biodiversity conservation of what little wildlife we have left. Here snakes are taken as a mascot because they contribute to the highest percentage of roadkills that a road could cause.

When you pay attention to the smallest things, you will never miss the big wildlife.

We launched this awareness campaign with the members of the HVK Forum -arguably the most responsible driving community in India- during their first ever Tamil Nadu meet.

for more information check http://www.facebook.com/BrakeForSnakes


The Brake for Snakes Awareness Campaign was launched with Mr. HVK and a few HVK Forum members


Mr. HV Kumar inaugurating the Campaign by pasting the first Brake for Snakes sticker on my car


HVK with us


HVK with us after the unveiling of the sticker


Me pasting the Brake for Snakes Awareness Campaign stick on HVK’s Legendary Mahindra Scorpio


Arguably the most famous personality in the Indian Travel community, Mr. HVK supports our campaign


Me giving a presentation on the importance of Bio Diversity, especially the macro fauna during the launch of Brake for Snakes Campaign


The Campaign Sticker

Write to us at uberspan@gmail.com or peltopelor@gmail.com or find us on Facebook for your stickers.