Karianshola Macro Life

It was the much awaited weekend for wildlife enthusiasts in and around Coimbatore. Greenspiration 2016 was underway and we had speakers from all over India. Most of them couldn’t take a day off after the event because of their busy schedule, but upon request Mr. Karthikeyan Srinivasan, Head Naturalist of The Jungle Lodges and Resorts decided to stay back for an extra 2 nights and head out for a jungle trek with our team.

Right after the event, we headed towards Sethumadai, Pollachi, where accommodation was arranged for the team. The following day we went for a trek in Karianshola, Topslip. With Karthik guiding us, it was a learning process for most of us. The forest floor was teaming with macro life, so much so we were on the look out to not step on any creatures!

We came across some amazing spiders, mantis, butterflies, bugs and geckos.

DSC_8573-2 copy

Ant mimic Praying Mantis


Ant mimic Praying Mantis

DSC_8553 copy

Pisaura sp. with a distinctive nest

DSC_8526 copy

Tiger Beetle

DSC_8524 copy

Cotton Stainer Bug- Adult

DSC_8508 copy

Tent-Web built by spiders of the Cyrtophora genus

DSC_8484 copy

Brown Lynx Spider (Awaiting ID Confirmation)

DSC_8452 copy

Praying Mantis

DSC_8448 copy

Praying Mantis

DSC_8445 copy

Praying Mantis

DSC_8397 copy

Wings of a Cicada

DSC_8389 copy

Bracket Fungi

DSC_8382 copy

Awaiting ID

DSC_8370 copy

Robber Fly

DSC_8357 copy

Nilgiri Langur in the forest canopy

DSC_8341 copy

Awaiting ID

DSC_8337 copy

Awaiting ID

DSC_8331 copy

Cotton Stainer Bugs- Young

DSC_8320 copy

Bright Babul Blue

DSC_8316 copy

Large Salmon Arab


Karthik in the field


Tiger claw marks on the tree. My friend here stands 5.7″ tall. For your imagination to figure how tall the Tiger stands on it’s hind legs

DSC_8599 copy

Robber Fly

DSC_8610 copy.jpg

The Pioneer, with a spider!

DSC_8603-3 copy

Grass Jewel- India’s Smallest Butterfly

DSC_8668 copy

Dusk at Sethumadai



2 thoughts on “Karianshola Macro Life

  1. Thanks a lot, Badri 🙂 Not been finding time to write about my trips as much as I want to! I’ve been following your work too. The recent on for Valparai was nice. I officially photograph all the Briar Tea Bungalows properties, so it was nice to read though and relate.

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