The Armor of Wisdom

The death ritual of elephants is profound. Elephant herds spend days next to the deceased, touching, feeling, gently kicking and even crying over the lost member of their family. They are known to be gently investigating the bones with their trunks and feet as though they are paying homage to the departed, all that while remaining sombre!!! Even completely unrelated elephants stop over a dead elephant’s carcasses or bones to religiously observe/ analyze before they continue on their journey.

DSC_4200 copy

Elephants have one of the biggest brains among the living beings. A brain that’s so complex, it gives the elephant the ability to Think! A skull that can protect such a piece of evolutionary masterpiece is the greatest Armor of Wisdom!

This particular elephant was hunted down by 2 Tigers in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.

Image made in January, 2015.


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