Scorpion vs Ant

Mother! A Universal word! When it comes to protecting their young ones, they are fierce! Be it a tiny scorpion or a mighty elephant, they fend off their enemies with all their might.

Last year, while documenting the Geckos of Coimbatore, we came across an Indian Red Scorpion (Hottentotta tamulus) with young ones trying to fend off a persistent perpetrator, this time, an ant. After multiple attempts to snatch one of the baby scorpions, the ant couldn’t handle the wrath of the protective mother scorpion and had to beat hasty retreat.

Releasing this as the first video from my new venture Überspan Films

© Überspan Films

2 thoughts on “Scorpion vs Ant

  1. Hi!
    Could I be able to look at the pictures of ‘Geckos of coimbatore’? That would be interesting. Thanks!

  2. Hello Vijay Karthick! One of my herpetologist friend who did the survey, is writing a research paper on a few species and the papers aren’t out yet. Will notify you with a blog called “Local Wildlife Sanctuary” as soon as it is published. Thanks for stopping by to read. Appreciate it!

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