Souvenir from a Nosy Traveller

Hello everyone, I am back after a really long break. This time with a very different travelogue. Here I was, traveling to the ever beautiful Meghamalai yet again. But this time around, I had a different idea of a travelogue, a rather insignificant one at that!

For someone with an acute sense of smell, I decided to put my sensory receptors to good use this time around and register every smell I encounter all the way long with the car windows down (hence a Nosy Traveller). Somewhere in between, we couldn’t take the heat of the day so we put up the windows briefly to turn the air conditioner ON. The route we took from Coimbatore to Meghamalai this time was through Munnar, as we had a shoot to be done at Briar Tea Bungalows’, Talayar Valley Bungalow. From Munnar we took the Kumily route to get to Chinnamanur and off we were to Meghamalai.

From the perennial smell of diesel smoke to the inviting scent of Rainfall, here goes…

  1. Charcoal Smoke
  2. Diesel Smoke from Truck
  3. Singnallur Lake (Organic-Rich Water)
  4. Vegetable Market
  5. Brinjal Bajji
  6. Garbage Truck
  7. Whiff of Fresh Banana
  8. Garbage Bin
  9. Diesel Smoke from Bus
  10. Bakery (Kings Bakes)
  11. Fresh Smell of Flower Garlands
  12. Diesel Smoke from a School Bus
  13. Cooking Smoke from a Road side tent
  14. Diesel Smoke from Truck
  15. Bajji/ Bonda Mix
  16. Smoke from a pile of leaves burning
  17. Smoke from burning garbage
  18. Diesel smoke from a Truck
  19. Burning Rubber
  20. Smoke from garbage burning
  21. Petrol fumes from a Hyundai Santro
  22. Smoke from a road side bakery
  23. Smoke from burning waste
  24. Jasmine Flower
  25. Versace Eros
  26. Smoke from burning wood
  27. Highly revolting smell of garbage
  28. Masal Vadai
  29. Stink from a Garbage Truck
  30. Diesel smoke from a Truck
  31. Vibhudhi (Temple Ashes)
  32. Whiff of dust from road
  33. Garbage bin
  34. Diesel smoke from bus
  35. Bakery (Sona Bakes)
  36. Deep frying (Bajji??)
  37. Smoke from brewing tea
  38. Kerosene Smoke
  39. Smoke from bakery
  40. Smoke from water heating
  41. Bakery smell of Ghee Biscuit
  42. Smoke from a bakery
  43. Stink from garbage dump
  44. Fish fry
  45. Bajji
  46. Smoke from brewing tea
  47. Temple-Ponneri
  48. Diesel smoke from a truck
  49. Sewage stench
  50. Flower garland
  51. Dust from road at Udumalpet
  52. Diesel smoke from Bus
  53. Air Conditioner turned ON
  54. Fresh tea plantation
  55. Diesel smoke from the Bus
  56. Lantana plants
  57. Tea factory
  58. Mountain mist
  59. Diesel smoke from Bus
  60. Tea factory
  61. Gas Station
  62. Cement dust from road side
  63. Diesel smoke from vehicle
  64. Cow dung
  65. Brake busted on a Truck
  66. Eucalyptus Tree
  67. Cow Dung
  68. Smoke from the kitchen
  69. Petrichor (The smell of Rain)
  70. Diesel smoke from Truck
  71. Beedi (Indian cigarette made out of leaves)
  72. Smoke from Jeep exhaust
  73. Petrol fumes from Bajaj M80 (Been a while since I saw these scooters)
  74. Cooking smoke
  75. Diesel smoke from Car
  76. Diesel smoke from Truck
  77. Garbage dump
  78. Detergent soap
  79. Unidentified Organic smell
  80. Plenty petrichor
  81. Flower market
  82. Onion Bajji
  83. Vegetable Kurma
  84. Heavy smell of Coriander
  85. Road side bajji shop
  86. Temple Ashes (Viboodhi)
  87. Cow shed
  88. Smoke from water heating
  89. Petrol smoke from TVS Champ
  90. Garbage dump
  91. Fumes from a welding machine
  92. Bonda/ Bajji
  93. Tea shop
  94. Petrol smoke from a bike
  95. Camphor
  96. Smoke from water heating
  97. Smoking Benzoin Resin
  98. Diesel smoke from Truck
  99. Cow shed
  100. Unknown Grains left of the road
  101. Smoke/ Fire
  102. Diesel smoke from Jeep
  103. Camphor smell from Temple

It’s only after I reached the destination and took a look at the list I made did I realized how much fuel smoke and pollution we inhale everyday. The only realization that came out of this random sensory experiment is that, it’s a much better option traveling with your car windows up and air conditioner on.


2 thoughts on “Souvenir from a Nosy Traveller

  1. Ha ha, who’d have ever thought of going on an olfactory expedition! I admire your diligent noting of the smells and cannot believe I read through the entire list and liked the read! I thought 25, 47 and 58 were interesting until ‘petrichor’ tripped me. Looked it up and hey presto, it IS a word. I’m now hoping there’s one more unread post in this batch.

    • I was a little skeptical about engaging the reader on this post but I’m glad you read through the whole list 🙂 No: 25 was my perfume 😛 No:47 was the smell of temple’s holy ashes in a place called Ponneri and 58 was of course the fresh scent of mist which was more felt than smelt 🙂 Thanks for the support.

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